Suriname Jul 29 – Aug 5 2016

Team Members, Debbie, Margaret, Randy, and Darrell.

IMG_0920Our purpose for this mission was to take Sawyer in-line water filters into the Kwinti village of Witagron, teach the people how to use the filters in their home, and share Jesus Christ in a personal setting with each family we encounter.

God is always faithful.  That became so apparent to us while we were in the village.  Each house we approached welcomed us, and welcomed us sharing Bible stories with them about Jesus Christ.  Many had heard of Jesus from us and others on previous visits and had questions.  We took the time to sit with them and answer all the questions they had and God allowed us to lead at least 13 people to follow Christ during these home sessions.  There were a few who still had doubts, so we continue to pray that we will be allowed another opportunity to witness to them.


God heals the sick.  During this week, we were asked to pray for several people, with illnesses and/or aches and pains.

One young boy, had a herniated belly button, and it had become very painful for him.  We prayed for his complete healing, and God answered.  The next evening we had a special time with all the children in the village. When he saw us he ran to us with a great big smile on his face, pointing to his stomach and telling us it was healed and he had no more pain! His face was shinning with excitement overtime we saw him after that and he would run to hug us. Praise God! It was so exciting to see God heal this little boy!

An older man, has been suffering from pain in his left hip and leg for several months.  He came and asked us to pray for him.  His pain was so severe, he had to be helped out of his chair.  He also needed help to walk to go back home.  The next morning, we saw him walking quickly through the village carrying some items to the river.  He looked as healthy as any of the rest of us.

In one of the houses, after we had given them a water filter and shared stories of Jesus, one of the women did not want to follow Jesus.  She said she has had an earache for weeks and could not think about it.  So we asked if we could pray for her ear in the Name of Jesus, and she let us.  Once again, God chose heal, so she no longer had an earache.  She still did not tell us she was ready to follow Jesus, but she knows the Power that is in His name.

We also have a very special story to share.  Last August, when we visited Witagron, we sat and IMG_1315visited with a woman who had started following Christ just before we left Suriname in January 2015.  She had 4 children and wanted to have more.  Her youngest was about 4 years old.  Since that child was born, the woman has been pregnant 9 times.  But she told us, that one night, she would be awakened by spirits, and one of them would take the baby.  She then miscarried the child.  9 times this happened.  She and her husband were heartbroken and about to give up.  But she asked us to pray for her to be able to have another baby.  So then, in June 2016, we received a message and pictures from her that God had given her a baby.  The day the message came, nine months and 1 week after the day we had been there praying for her.  We were allowed to visit with her on this trip, and rejoice with her for the gift God gave her, and remind her of the greater gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. This baby is a living testimony to everyone in the village that the Lord God is the giver of life!


IMG_1152While we were in Witagron, we also visited the Poli-Clinic.  We have always made it a point to stop by and visit with the nurse at the clinic.  He is a follower already and we enjoy visiting with him.  We asked him about how the village has responded medically since we started bringing water filters to the village.  He said the number of diarrhea and abdominal pain cases were down.  He was glad we brought more filters, so the number of cases should dropped even more.  We also brought him a proclaimer, in the Sranan Tongo language, for the clinic.  He was really glad to see it.  Now while people are waiting to be seen, they will be able to hear about Jesus.


Finally, God topped the week off, by allowing us to hold the very first submersion baptism ever in Witagron.  FullSizeRender 15Being part of a baptism is a privilege to begin with, but to be a first is incredible.  I am so thankful for Brother Andre, a Kwinti believer, for his willingness to baptize his new Brothers in the village.  I am also thankful for Brother Royston, for coming with us from Paramaribo to Witagron, and helping us share the Good News that changed many lives for the Kingdom of God.


There are no words to describe our Joy for what God allowed us to be witness to.  We can only share His story and give Him all the Glory and Praise.